It all started 25 years ago...

As the founder and CEO of Win Styles I leverage years of accumulated skills as an entrepreneur, image consultant and corporate professional. Through my passion to empower people I’ve enhanced the professional image of politicians, professionals at levels – including CEO’s of publicly traded companies and owners of international businesses.

After receiving my M.B.A. in early 2000, while continuing my image consulting work, I worked at several large international consulting firms. My time here was invaluable in building a mastery in communication and personal branding.

I received my image consulting certification in 2015 from one of the world’s finest – the London Image Institute. It was then that I decided to pursue my deep passion for Image Consulting full-time.

You may ask yourself, “why would you leave a six-figure income and a comfortable life?”

Because I love empowering people to succeed in their own passion’s. I can see people for all their skills and talents and love seeing their joy in gaining renewed confidence.

I now use my accumulated years of skills in consulting and training at all levels. From local business to large international organizations, I use my firsthand knowledge to successfully pursue your personal passion or navigate a career in the corporate world. I’m energized when helping you achieve your goals, so you can attain professional fulfillment in your daily life.

When not working on my passion for people or leading activities as a board member of the DC chapter of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), you can find me hiking, exploring new cities and national parks, or travelling internationally to countries where I love to integrate with the locals and learning new culture. So far I’ve visited 30 states, and 35 countries!