Doug Drummond

Multi -Million Dollar Club Real Estate Agent

La Cañada, Los Angeles CA

"When I met Vinita over a decade ago I was truly impressed by her flair for style. It was so easy to get swept up by her enthusiasm. When she said she wanted to design me the right image, I didn’t quite know what she meant by that. Looking back now, I am so grateful she was doing exactly what I needed in my business.

On our first meeting she made a sincere effort to understand my preferences, business, and client profile. She then showed me more an amazing selection of very high quality suit and shirt fabric swatches in the price range I am comfortable spending. Once we picked the fabrics, she must’ve taken 40+ of my measurements for these clothes. When she came back with my order in a few weeks, she brought along a wide selection of ties, pocket kerchiefs, and cuff links to compliment the custom clothes I had ordered. Clearly, she remembered my likes and preferences. When I got all the clothes on, I felt like a new man. The suits, sport coats, slacks and shirts fit me so well. Each morning, I found myself only picking those over my previously owned suits. I love the complements I receive on my appearance, and how often I receive them!

She won my confidence and ever since that first order I have learned to trust her impeccable taste and knowledge of how to keep me looking my best. And the best part is she tracks my wardrobe on file, and often times I simply place orders on the phone. In no time she appears with my new clothes, with her energetic personality, and new accessories to refresh my wardrobe. The friends and clients I have referred to her, have all also thanked me for sharing my image consultant and clothing designer with them. I have never heard anything but the highest praise for her unique and professional talent.


Jill Mahrlig Petigara

Certified Yoga Intructor


"Vinita is a wonderfully talented Image Consultant! She is a true professional and an absolute joy to work with. I knew there were things I wanted to change about my personal style, but I had no idea of how to go about making those changes.

I was a little nervous before our first meeting, but Vinita made me feel at ease right away.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about what colors and styles suit me best, and could not be happier with the results. I got a new haircut, new hair color and started overhauling my wardrobe. A lot of the changes I made didn’t cost anything because I now have the knowledge and understanding of how to use my existing wardrobe to highlight my best features.

I highly recommend you work with Vinita if you’re looking to feel better about yourself and have a fun time doing it!"


Atul Deshmukh

International Accountant, KNAV P.A.

Atlanta GA

Vinita conducted a business communication program at our firm, KNAV P.A., Certified Public Accountants. She was informative and instructive. She succinctly pointed out to us, the critical aspects of communicating within and outside the firm. We were thoroughly impressed with her knowledge of the subject matter. We look forward to working with Vinita more closely in the future.


Eric Lieberman


Studio City, Los Angeles CA

Vinita offers an unbelievable selections in fabrics, extremely clear understanding of the right image for me, and provided me with impeccable service. I thought I dressed well, until after I began to wear the combination of clothes she designed for me, including the vibrant ties that are exactly my style. Now I've become used to people stopping me everywhere to give me compliments.